Players Online

KitPvP releasing soon!

Fight against other players in an enclosed area. Team up with your friends by creating a clan. Kill players to make more money and buy better kits. Fight to reach the top and win special rewards!

Staff Applications

Do you think you have it in you to join the Solar Network staff team? Then don't hesitate to apply for the staff position!

Builder Applications

Are you good at building maps for servers? Why not apply for the builder position and work on future maps!

Media Applications

Do you have a big fanbase and record videos on Solar Network? Then make sure to apply for the Media rank and receive special perks!

Server Rules

For a server to run smoothly, it's very important that everyone obeys the rules. Players that do not follow the rules will be punished accordingly. Therefore, make sure to have a quick read through these rules to not face any trouble in the future.